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Our Values

Tausi le va - Samoan.jpg

Tausi le va (Samoan)

We honour our relationships and recognise that everything is connected. We are culturally grounded and through this, build trust, respect and impact.

Loto to'a - Tongan.jpg

Loto to’a (Tongan)

We have the courage to do new things and not being afraid to make mistakes, accepting our failures and learning from it. We are brave enough to challenge the status quo and hold ourselves and other people accountable.

Manaakitanga - Māori.jpg

Manaakitanga (Māori)

Our actions demonstrate our love and care for our people and our kaupapa.

Haivae 'ag - Rotuman.jpg

Haivae ‘ag (Rotuman)

We openly share and work together with others to achieve our goal of intergenerational wealth for all our people.

Fakamooliaga - Nuiean.jpg

Fakamoolia (Niuean)

Our culture is a superpower! We are unapologetically Pasifika and walk our talk every day.

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