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Strategies and Reports


Te Tangi: The call 
Uptempo case for change

Te Tangi: The Call is the first report in a trio: Te Tangi, Te Ka’ara, and Te Pūnanga Kaveinga. It sets out Uptempo’s reason for being, our call to action, the case for change and demonstrates why our work is important, not just for Pasifika peoples, but for Aotearoa.


Pasifika-centred adult    learning models

This report explores the opportunity of adult learning for Pasifika and how increased wealth and wellbeing can be better realised for ‘aiga. It looks at three things we know work for Pasifika looking to upskill: removing financial barriers and stress, culturally competent engagement and improving system capability.

Cover - System Levers for Pasifika In-work Progression.PNG

System levers for Pasifika

in-work Progression Part 1

Part 1 of 2 reports, this report identifies key factors that influence income inequality and in-work poverty for Pasifika, and key ways to accelerate in-work progression and support intergenerational wealth. 


Te Tangi o te Ka’ara: 
The call of the drums

This report sets out Uptempo’s theory of change and the strategic pillars that guide us towards achieving that change: community, learning, wellbeing, and employment. It is the second report in the trio: Te Tangi, Te Ka’ara, and Te Pūnanga Kaveinga.


Increasing 'aiga readiness for workforce progression

This report drills into how we support Pasifika workforce progression by looking at the readiness and capacity of ‘aiga to own their own futures. This report provides ‘aiga readiness indicators, and answers the question; how can we make sure our systems are ready to enable Pasifika workforce progression, and in turn intergenerational wealth and wellbeing?

System levers for Pasifika workforce progression P2.PNG

System levers for Pasifika

in-work Progression Part 2

This second report has the recommendations to the first report, which proposes the reintroduction of social mobility as a government investment priority to accelerate  high wages, upskilling, high productivity and a socially equitable economy.


Te Pūnanga Kaveinga:

The Movement 

This is our third founding document. It is our roadmap describing the way we will work, our values, the actions will take and the impact we want to have as we work towards our goal in the medium term.


Employers supporting Pasifika workforce progression

Employers have a critical role to play in closing the Pasifika pay gap. In this report, we identify how employers can better support Pasifika to progress at work. We also set out recommendations around how the Government can support these goals.

Growing Pasifika Presence in the Tech Industry.PNG

Growing Pasifika Presence in the Tech Industry

This report aims to understand factors contributing to the low number of Pasifika in tech, the factors influencing Pasifika in tech roles and how we can change systems and conditions to support Pasifika in the tech industry.

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